During this unprecedented period, while we are all working from home and dealing with the impact of Covid-19, we're changing our 14-day trial to free access for 60 days. Use this free access to profile the technology you use and the technical skills of your team. At the end of the free access period, we'd love to have you as a customer but if that's not for you, you'll be able to export all the work you've done and will be in great shape for what lies ahead.

Two Options for Free Access

We'll get you set up with a short five-minute call and then you can choose how you want to onboard.

WITH A DEMO: Start your Free Access to CabinetM with a short onboarding session.

SELF-GUIDED: Sign up for Free Access to CabinetM to explore on your own. We'll send you user guides and video links to help you along.  

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